Recently one of my friends decided to post everything she owned for sale on a facebook “garage sale” page. It kinda made me crazy!  I didn’t want to buy any of her baby clothes or toys, etc… SO I hid her posts. I also messaged her that I did and that, when she was done selling stuff, let me know…because I really DID like keeping up with her via facebook.
(I was really glad she understood!)
She said this:” oh i understand i was just asking last night how i could get this from not showing up in everyone news feeds. its annoying!! but i am making some much needed money right now. i will letcha know miss ya!! xo
She changed her privacy settings on her posts. And let me know.  I had to then figure out how to “unhide” her!
Here’s what I found:
  • From “Most Recent” News Feed view,
  • Click “Most Recent” to expand a drop-down menu.
  • Select “Edit Options.”
  • A list of people, Pages and apps you’ve hidden will appear in a pop-up box.
  • Click “x” next to each one you’d like to remove from this list.
  • Removing a profile from your “Hidden” list means posts from that person or Page can appear in your News Feed again.
  • You can also choose the all setting from the drop down.
  • Click “Save.”
unhide on fb

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