People pleaser that I am, I just loathe ‘unfollowing’ someone on Twitter.  But I LOVED the way Twit Cleaner presented valuable data about people I follow. Seeing trends like: “doesn’t interact with any of their followers”, “Hasn’t tweeted in 602 days” of people I am following was really useful!

Like any tool (especially a newish one) Twit Cleaner has it’s pro’s and con’s.  Just because a person hasn’t tweeted in a while is not necessarily a reason I would stop following them. (Friends, family, people who only have something to say rarely – but it’s good when it hits!… you know)

BUT the data was interesting “13% of the people you follow are potentially garbage” … and I DID decide to unfollow a couple people who had not posted in over 2 years!  (I felt safe there)

twit cleaner

Check it out here:

Side note.. you know those programs that tell you who unfollows you?  I got called out* publicly for unfollowing someone recently (who had LOTS of followers – surely enough that MY little account could not have made a dent in…). I just wanted to say, if you are concerned that I unfollowed you, perhaps you might ask why?  Just a thought.

*As a ‘Lite’ user you can… (twitter unfollow)

  • manually check for unfollowers every 15 minutes.
  • callout your unfollowers for unfollowing you.
  • view people you are following that are not following you back.
  • view a 7 day unfollower history.
more on that in another post…

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