So, the other day I was “house cleaning”, you know, making lists, checking them twice. Making sure that people who felt like “noise” in my twitter stream were not distracting me.  I know I can use lists – and I do, but in order to ‘listen better’ I like to unfollow people who are mostly promoting things in areas I am not particularly interested. I don’t know if this is the best practice.  But it’s mine.

If there is anything I am adamant about where Social Media is concerned it’s being “you.” With the limitations and foibles and general awesomeness we all posses.

But there are people who disagree with me (I am still deciding what I think about THAT!) …and as I mentioned in my last post he CALLED ME OUT on twitter with a post that went something like “@username Wow. I see you unfollowed me. Looking forward to you coming back.” I do see the formula. <emote comment. state topic. future looking/positive statement> But here’s the deal.  What good did that post do either of us?

I was slightly perturbed / embarrassed by it.  Which I assume was the intent. yuck.  But also note that he didn’t really care why I was leaving, just that I was leaving.  I assumed the best of him and let him know (also publicly) why I was leaving “I can only follow so many people in a meaningful way.” And to his credit (I think) he did suggest I try using lists.  But still, no real desire to hear how he could be a better provider of content.  Of course, he has LOTS of followers, so he really doesn’t need to care about my opinion.  But if he isn’t going to care…. why say anything to begin with – except for the sheer embarrassment factor.

This is the text on “;

  • manually check for unfollowers every 15 minutes.
  • callout your unfollowers for unfollowing you.
  • view people you are following that are not following you back.
  • view a 7 day unfollower history.
Here’s what I DO like about this site.  I can also see who doesn’t follow me back  in an easy to understand fashion (pictures!) This is valuable because it tells me something about my value to these people and how reciprocal our twitter relationship is or isn’t.  It also tells me not to waste my time DMing them.  Again – it doesn’t really have to matter – some people I follow because I like what they have to say, whether or not they find what I have to say of any value.
people who don't follow me back
So, it’s not all good.  But it’s also not all bad.
Thanks for creating stuff people need, even if we don’t all like all of it!

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