I recently posted this on twitter:

What is your response rate? Not people responding to you, but you to them. Sociability is crucial. #socialmedia#fb

It’s so easy to get caught up in (read: stuck) output messaging.  We feel that we are communicating, ‘being social’ if we say something – anything – in a social setting.  But you are really on part way there (not even half way!)

Here’s how I like to think about it:

1 push messaging– get the word out, who are you? what makes you tick? what excites you? what do you want others to do for, with or in spite of you? You do have to communicate.

2 provide value – don’t just tell, show. Provide a link, an image, a video to punctuate your message

3 provide EXTRA value – the entire world is ADHD (or so it would seem) with attention spans getting shorter and shorter and the need for distractions bigger and bigger. For me, added value is the thing that makes you quirky, funny, …interesting. It’s the non work, non selling, you-just-might-find-this-interesting post.

4 engage – having a conversation with someone without letting them talk, or asking them about their day, or responding when spoken to is kinda rude and keeps people from wanting to be around you (in case you didn’t know). The Social Media equivalent of this is not engaging in conversations (tweets) around your areas of interest or expertise.  Or not responding to @messages. Or not thanking people for following you.

You can NEVER do it all.  Or do it all ‘right’. Or be everything to everyone – or anyone.  So these are more like guidelines than actual rules.

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Owner at Center-Fit Kettlebell Club and Midlife Fitness Crisis

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