I recently read this post by   . It’s about how to use QR codes in Sports Marketing.  But the principles apply to all marketing with QR codes.

Make sure your QR code links to something worth while! But also make sure you know how your stuff will display (or how it might not)

I use a QR code on the back of my business card:

QR code linking to my bio page

Scan this using your QR reader on your smart phone

But here’s the thing about QR readers – they differ in how they display and make your content accessible. Here’s what I mean:

I scanned the code above using 2 different QR readers on my iPhone.

1. QRReader


...not very useful to me.

…and we are done with this one. sad face.

2. QRazy

better, but...

I like this, I can scroll down and add to my contacts, but as is, I can’t click on the link.

BUT… when I scroll down and choose “view as text” I get this:

View as text allows me to click!

I can click to either call or view the URL like so:

click to browse to my RemoteLink bio page


All that being said.. I do want a T-shirt with my QR code on the back.  I don’t think I am ready for the bikini bottom option…

(btw, I used http://www.qrstuff.com/ It worked well and they were responsive and helpful. Not too expensive either.)

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Owner at Center-Fit Kettlebell Club and Midlife Fitness Crisis

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