I lean to the side of harping when it comes to this topic.  Maybe ’cause ever since I was a kid I could snif out disingenuous interactions between people.  Maybe cause I read somewhere that my name meant “truth to God” (Elizabeth) in one of those “Baby Name” books.  Either way, I hate Bull****.  (However, I am respectful enough of my readers not to bust out the **** word just like that!)

fb page statsIn my last post I talked about how people think that Social Media is a free way to push their sales message.  But what they need is a reality check. They need to revisit WHO they are, WHY they are in business and start, instead of advertising, a branding campaign.

I think ConAgra may be learning this message today. Read this post about how they asked bloggers to a dinner event with a top chef, but instead ignored the available facts about their target audience and fed them frozen lasagna. They also filmed the bloggers’ reactions secretly intending to use the footage in commercials at a later date. This is an example of inauthenticity.  It’s frowned upon in the world of Social Media.  And it back fired.

Your message, no matter how cute, how important…. no matter how great your product actually is… will be muted, blocked, hidden, deleted or marked as spam if you are not connecting with your audience.

No.  You cannot connect or resonate with everyone.  This is why it is important for you to know who YOU are, who your BRAND is, and how you want to represent yourself in public.  Then simply let the people go who don’t like you or your stuff or the way you say it and engage with the people that ‘get’ you.

Now you can start advertising, subtly, in ways relevant to your brand and its followers. (I mean now that they really know who you are and you have proven that you get who they are)

Let the conversation begin!

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Owner at Center-Fit Kettlebell Club and Midlife Fitness Crisis

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  1. Lundie says:

    Oh this is right on the money! I am happy to be social on Twitter, G+, etc., but if your first volley with me is a link to your site/product/advertisement, I’m done. If, however, you’re a person, and you have conversations, then you recommend something, I’ll give it a look! 🙂

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