Lots of posts today about not understanding / hating the new facebook layout.

When I logged in, like you, I saw this:

ACK!  I wasn’t expecting to have to learn an entire new system this morning.  For me, however, it’s my job.  For most of you, it’s just a way of keeping on top of what your friends or favorite brands are up to, struggling with, offering and needing, right?  So, ick.

So, FIRST let me say that  you can go to the help for explanations for how the new layout works  http://www.facebook.com/help?page=189712557768134

And in my feed I see:


Then I read this post (Do I detect a hint of sarcasm?)

And then this….(Not sure if this is sarcasm, cluelessness, or if the changes have not yet propagated to his site yet)

I even saw a “repost this if you….” lengthy, but clever post about how “you (and your fancy algorithms) don’t know me, Facebook”.  (and btw, I NEVER “repost this if…”, I also never forward emails to prove I am…. w/e.  Don’t get me started on that. Let’s just say, if it is worth reposting, the content itself will tell me, you won’t need to.)

I don’t know how realistic the “Social Networking” movie was – or how true to the character’s persona it came.  But IF it was close to true, then lots of changes make sense and should be expected. This product is driven by trying to figure out (and write a program to do it) human behavior as perceived by its creators.

Not to mention the fact that in business, if you are standing still (read:not changing / growing) you are dying.

But really.  This is a free service.  You aren’t paying Facebook to develop what you want. Advertisers and the developers themselves are.  And what seems like a nuisance to you and me, can be a major break through for a developer.  That’s realistic right?

But all our complaining and no ‘doing’ to back it up simply affirms Facebook  “powers that be” in ignoring the whiners.  Everyone complains at first AND they never actually stop using the service.   It’s never bad enough to convince your friends to go to friendster, hi5, or (gasp) back to MySpace.  My friend Sara said this,

“It reminds me of how stupid I feel when they move things around in the grocery store. Just when I get comfortable and efficient they have to change it. Then it’s back to being slow and feeling clumsy and stupid. I guess it’s feeling stupid I dislike more than upgrades. Once I can find everything again I probably won’t dislike it as much.”

What I am not saying: “Stop whining.” On the contrary, advertisers want you on Facebook so they want you happy and in a round about way, you may be heard.

What I am saying: “Relax, embrace the change as an opportunity to think differently, to look at the world (and your friends) through someone else’s eyes.”

It’ll all be ok.  You can do it.

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