So, my friend, Jackie loved yesterday’s post about privacy settings and then asked me to check her page as someone else to see what it looked like. (To be sure she was locked down to her liking)  So this is how you can see posts AS SOMEONE ELSE!

1 – Click on your NAME in the upper right hand corner of Facebook.  This is your profile view of your wall… what your friends see when they visit.

2 – Next make a post and label it “Friends except Acquaintances” 

3 – When you view your wall you will see the post: Mine is “Testing post for “Friends except Acquaintances” Woot.” (You will see it because you ARE your friend. lol)

4 – Now find someone you added as a friend as an “Acquaintance”  or temporarily make someone an “Acquaintance” (Do this by clicking “Friends” to the left, under your picture.  Then just take the first person on the list, hover over the “friends” tab and click “Acquaintance”

5 – Go back to your Profile view (click on your name above)

6 – Now Click “VIEW AS” button.  Enter the name of that first person who is now an “Acquaintance”

John is a great guy, but now he can ONLY see posts that are “Friends or Public” He is now only one step above “TOTAL STRANGER WHO MAY NOT SEE ANYTHING THAT ISN”T PUBLIC.”  Sorry John. Do you see how my “Test Post…” is not showing above the “Had a chance meeting” post above?

7 – Don’t forget to make “John” or whoever you made an Acquaintance a friend again 😉

PS. Jackie, I had my friend check your page … I will send you what she saw. 🙂

That’s it for now.  If you found this post helpful, be sure to leave a comment letting Jackie know that HER questions helped YOU!

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Owner at Center-Fit Kettlebell Club and Midlife Fitness Crisis

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