How are you using your Facebook business page to provide services to your followers?

When I talk to clients using Facebook to reach people,  they rightly express a desire to entice / encourage these people to spend money with them.  I mean, really, why else would you BE there?  Right?

Well, yes and no. You do want people to spend money with you.  It’s good for the economy (especially yours and the people who work for you). But let’s think back… why did you decide to sell what you are selling to begin with?  (Disclaimer: IF you started selling whatever it is you sell because you thought it was something people would buy… I may not be talking to you.) BUT if your business or product started as a dream for something better  – listen up!

What WAS that dream? … and more importantly, where is it now?  Have you forgotten it in the midst of promoting your wares?  Fear, lack of purpose and lack of vision are absolute sales repellants. Re-find yourself.  Re-find your dream.  Promote THAT.

Remember, it’s not an advertising tool, it’s a ‘service providing-information giving / getting – make the world better with what you have’ tool.

About bethkolar

Owner at Center-Fit Kettlebell Club and Midlife Fitness Crisis

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