Playground - be WITH your kidsIF you know me, you know I am passionate about lots of stuff. One of those things is bringing awareness and funds to stop human trafficking. I was recently asked how I picked THIS cause over the many very important, serious, needy causes.

My answer is this. Whatever I talk about I get asked “what can I do?” from the listener. So many times the answer is “give money”. Not a bad answer. For sure…GIVE your money. (see a list of places that will do good with your dollars) But my heart beats for whole body/mind/spirit involvement.

There is something every family member to lessen the vulnerability of potential victims. Protect your kids, your neighborhood kids, your sister’s kids. Be a presence in their lives. Send the message with your physical presence that THIS kid is watched and loved. Talk about the creepy, icky stuff that happened to you. Don’t hide. Don’t let victimizers hide – especially not behind your shame.

As I shared this concept over lunch with a patron at my photo studio I wondered if it was too much.  Did I listen enough, were we on the same page?  You know?

Today she called me to tell me that she told her husband about our conversation and that he said that human trafficking was an issue that has always troubled him and that he wants to help in ANY WAY I might need.  Wow. (Again, if you know me, you know this man will be put to work!)


Talk about what is important to you. Face to face and via Social Media. You don’t really ever know the impact you could have. Wouldn’t it be cool to save a life… or many?


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  1. Servantwork says:

    Cool. Gotta love Narimon. 🙂

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