I love to see people and businesses ‘get it right’. I like football. I wouldn’t say I am a big fan, but I enjoy it and was happy to watch a little tonight.  But the biggest surprise for me was this awesome DICKS commercial.  

At first I didn’t know what I was watching.  The camera seemed too close to the players to be anything but a commercial, and it seemed the play was taking an awful long time, and the players didn’t look professional. But it was so exciting and the tension kept building and for a moment, I wanted to be a football player.

I have never followed a Brand, just to follow a brand. I did today. I even tweeted them about their commercial (well I RT’d someone else who said it better than I would have) 

I always check out a person’s Twitter stream before I follow them.  I want to know they are real.  And interesting.  Who they say they are.  I was also pleased with how they handled their customer service via twitter. 

Well done @Dicks.  Well done.

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