I recently saw a quote attributed to Meryl Streep. I don’t know what prompted me to fact check. Maybe because it caused such a strong reaction in me. I wanted to stand up and say “Hell yes!”, because it supported my notion of ‘being true to self’ which I think is supremely spiritual and one of the best marketing moves an entrepreneur can make. (Granted you are likable enough to attract positive emotion and trust!)

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But, fact check I did (as I always advise you do…). I have less respect for the business that posted it – regardless of what I think of the sentiment. But when reading the COMMENTS on the page that posted it, a new question arised, “Does it matter that she DIDN’T say it?” several people posted that it didn’t.

I think that plagiarism is a big deal. I think that the person who actually DID say it should get the credit and recognition HE deserves. I think, if I were Ms Streep, it would irritate me that people seem comfortable with putting words in my mouth. (She may or may not be – I don’t know)

Content, context and honesty matter. Diligence is a respectable trait. How many times am I going to believe YOUR WORDS when I must doubt where you got them from, whether or not you have educated yourself as to their source or authenticity? Now try to tell me that the diet, workout, marketing idea, business plan you have is a.) yours b.) researched c.) backed by fact.

AND…. big, bad, hardline statements make us feel super powerful. We want to follow a “Braveheart” or {insert your hero here} into battle after a big speech! But listen again, read again. Do you really want to live in a world where we don’t love those who don’t love us and withhold our smiles from those who don’t smile?

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