You’ve got ideas. Good ones, probably. And bad.  You’ve got opinions – all good, ’cause they are yours.  But your employer might not think so.  When a company hires you, they are hiring not only someone to perform tasks for them, they are also looking for a representative of sorts.

They may look at you and think, “SCORE!” They may think you hold the same opinions and values.  They may think your boundaries and theirs are the same.  You might, too.  Until the day you (or they) realize they aren’t. Now your representative status is important for a different reason. They don’t want to be associated with it.  

That’s all ok, though.  Right?  We all get our opinions and boundaries. And as long as we aren’t breaking laws or mutual agreements…it’s all good.  Mostly.

Here is where things get tricky.  I was recently reading an employee handbook and noticed a bit of vagueness in their standards for appearance. Why do I care? Because it was applied to ME.  Oh. Yeah. … Well, that’s another story for another day.  But during the course of making sure I wasn’t breaking any other rules I didn’t know about, I came across the their social media guidelines and was reminded how important it is to have that disclaimer: “Views expressed on this page are my own and may not be shared by my employers or clients.”

Not everywhere, but on your social media sites where they can be easily found.

Screenshot 2015-02-28 13.35.24 On my profile page I included my disclaimer in Favorite Quote.  It is my fae!

Screenshot 2015-02-28 13.31.59 On my business page I included it in the short description.

Next:  Be sure to not speak disparagingly about your employer, fellow workmates, etc.. That’s just good life practice though, right?  Read your handbook and pay attention to your employers expectations about YOUR social media presence.

REMEMBER:  NOTHING POSTED AS PRIVATE IS ACTUALLY PRIVATE.  Your friends can copy and paste whatever you post and share wherever they see fit.  This makes them bad friends, but that, too is a story for another day.

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Owner at Center-Fit Kettlebell Club and Midlife Fitness Crisis

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