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Social Media … it’s a loaded term.  I met someone today who said apologetically,  “I don’t actually know what that is” 🙂  No shame in that.  Technically, “Social Media” can be described as media disseminated via social interaction… or “the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue” (Wikipedia)  But for me – and more importantly for you – we kind of get to define what that looks like ourselves.

Usefulness of Social Media:

  • Meaningful Connections: I’ve met people, that today I call good friends, through conversations on Twitter and blogs!
  • Business Transactions: Many a job, sale, contribution and relationship can attribute its success to some form of social media. (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Validation for Search Engine Optimization:  Google gets more and more picky. (YAY!) They want to be sure that the buzz going on around your URL (website) is about a ‘real’ business.  One of the ways they measure that is thru ‘social validators’ like twitter, fanpages, etc…
  • Company Image / Branding: Today’s consumer is far more savvy than yesterday’s. Your ad may keep your name in front of people (if you can afford it) but, that doesn’t mean that ANYONE believes what you say about yourself.  They are looking to their friends and watching your social interactions to make their own decisions about you, your company and whether or not they want to do business with you.
At Your Social Context my goal is to help create an environment, or space, for you to build your community. What lives and breathes in that space is what you create, your usefulness, your genuineness,  how others perceive you and your offering as well as what others contribute. This is the type of environment that builds trust

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